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Small pins made of a rigid material, such as carbide or diamond, are used by dot peen marking machines, also known as pin stamping or pin marking machines, to indent the parts to be marked locally. Dot peen machines strike the surface with these pins, leaving minute holes that permanently modify the part’s appearance and roughness. Electrical or pneumatic power is typically used to power the dot peen process. However, only the marking process is pneumatically powered.Read More…

Dot Peen Machines Dot peen machines enable the process of dot peening, which is a marking technique of imprinting identifying marks into the surface of a material through the use of a multiple-axis marker-stylus.

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Therefore pneumatic devices still need a mains or battery power supply. Although electrically powered machines now make up most of the market, pneumatic machines can still provide a quicker marking procedure and a deeper mark. This is primarily because there is no need for an air supply, which results in lower costs and simpler installation and operation. Typically, all that is needed for electric dot peen marking equipment is a regular mains power source.

dot peen marking

How Dot Peen Machines Work

To create straight or curved lines, dot peen marking machines employ a marking pin that is pneumatically powered to stamp (or peen) a succession of tiny, tightly spaced dots. The independent X and Y marking axes achieve excellent mark quality and legibility, which precisely puts dots. With 0.025 mm resolution on both axes, precise and powerful five-phase stepper motors enable precise and reliable mark placement.

Dot peen marking, also known as the pin marking technique, produces quick, precise marks with little force applied to the component's surface. No restriction exists on the size or direction of the text. You may customize the mark's quality and depth by adjusting the mark settings, air pressure, dot spacing, and the distance between the pin and the part.

Types of Dot Peen Machines

Portable Dot Peen Machine

Large parts and components that are cumbersome to transfer to a specialized marking station are marked using portable dot peen marking machines. They are also helpful when parts must be marked at several locations on the same site. There are two subcategories of portable machines: those that run on batteries and those powered by the main source. Naturally, battery-powered devices boost the equipment's flexibility and make it simpler to utilize in various settings. In contrast to older conventional equipment requiring a separate controller for programming and operation, these machines are easier to use.

portable dot peen machine

Vibro Dot Peen Machine

A deep impression or hole can be made on various objects using the Vibro Peen marking tool. The name is derived from the marking bar's vibrations and its motion around the shaft (peen). All kinds of metals and strong polymers are marked with it. The ink is drawn into the air by the vibration of the marking bar, producing a raised mark that is visible and readable. This dot-peen marking technology is applied in numerous ways. The following three frequent uses:

  1. To permanently brand metal objects for identification, such as steel pipes and sheets.
  2. To leave a quality-control mark on soft metals.
  3. Write the grade and purity of the metal on the outside of the tubing.
  4. Vibro Dot Peen markers are used worldwide in various industries, including pulp, paper, wood, petrochemical, oil, gas, refining, power generation, and many more.

Integrated Dot Peen Machine

Designed to be incorporated into a dot peen marking cell and provide end users and integration businesses with the ability to develop and construct unique dot peen marking cells tailored to their needs. Typically, integrator machines come with a control system that enables connections and communication with other devices and networks.

integrated dot peen machine

Benchtop Dot Peen Machine

These are often standard computers mounted on a bench or workstation, as the name implies. The marking procedure is then performed on the parts at the workstation. Simple feed systems and part fixturing are frequently used in this. Because there is more control over the process, bench-mounted machines typically provide greater accuracy and reproducibility than portable machines.

Parts are held in place in a fixture placed in a certain location. This indicates that the mark is placed as precisely as possible. Control over the part position throughout the marking cycle is essential since errors may occur despite the machines' generally high accuracy.

benchtop dot peen machine

Double Nose Engraving Machine

Dot peen engraving machines with double noses are more sophisticated than those without. They can quickly and accurately create intricate designs with high levels of precision on flat surfaces. These tools can be effectively utilized to make decorative surfaces. In addition, they are perfect for processing flat surfaces since they can swiftly and successfully handle metals.

Due to the double-nose construction of these machines, changing the tool heads is simple and hassle-free. Although it uses a similar operating mechanism to standard dot peen engravers, the end product is superior. These tools enable users to work on projects accurately and engrave under high pressure.

Advantages of Dot Peen Machines

  • Dependable, quick, and straight
  • Appropriate for industrial marking
  • Portable equipment
  • Low-cost machinery expenses

Disadvantages of Dot Peen Machines

  • Incredibly loud
  • Inferior quality
  • Parts must be fixed or rigid
  • Only workable with strong materials
  • Carbide pins deteriorate quickly and readily
  • Slow tempo
  • Barcodes can't be marked

Choosing the Proper Dot Peen Machines Manufacturer

To make sure you have the most productive outcome when purchasing Dot Peen Machines from a Dot Peen Machines Manufacturer, it is important to compare at least 4 or 5 Companies using our list of Dot Peen Machines suppliers. Each Dot Peen Machines Manufacturer has a business profile page that highlights their areas of experience and capabilities and a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each Dot Peen Machines business website using our patented website previewer to get an idea of what each business specializes in, and then use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Dot Peen Machines businesses with the same quote.

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