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There are aspects of manufacturing that tend to get overlooked until they become critical or an issue. This is especially true of the control and tracking of equipment and inventory. Read More…

Marking Coders A coding system can provide instantaneous information to meet all of your needs and present a positive image for an organization.
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Zanesville, OH  |  740-453-1000

Is your facility in need of high performance dot peen machines? Our top of the line machinery is guaranteed to meet all of your needs. We are your worry-free provider of identification systems. We will work with your team to implement our products into your business and our services are beyond compare. Our company has proven ourselves as an industry leader!

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Sprinter Marking, Inc. $$$

Lakeway, TX  |  512-593-7100

At Automark, our team of experts is ready and willing to tackle any of your challenging assignments. We supply marking systems for a multitude of industries such as medical, cosmetic, industrial, automotive, and more. All of our machines are manufactured to the highest quality, offered at a competitive price, and are guaranteed to last. Give us a call and a representative will speak with you today!

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Automark $$$

Pittsburgh, PA  |  412-381-0700

From 1969 until now, Marvel Marking Products has been manufacturing industrial marking devices. Among our products are grit etching machines, brass stencils, rubber printing stamps, urethane masks, mold engraving, industrial engraving systems and much more. We serve our customers around the world from our location in Pittsburgh, PA. We customize to your needs, so call us today for more details.

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Marvel Marking Products Inc. $$$

Mentor, OH  |  440-975-8802

Since its foundation in the 1950s, Monode Marking Product's philosophy has been the dedication to the total value for our customers. Here, we are constantly striving to improve our customer service and the quality and efficiency of our products. When you receive our dot peen machines, we want it to be the best in the business. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or problems regarding marking.

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Monode Marking Products, Inc. $$$

Perth Amboy, NJ  |  800-298-8936

HSAUSA presents Piezo ink jet "drop-on-demand" industrial marking and coding products with state-of-the-art electronics, clear high performance digital ink jet printing. Manufactured by HSAutomatic, ApS a leading manufacturer of product identification equipment worldwide utilizing high-resolution ink jet technology from Xaar and HP.

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Every company, regardless of their size, faces losses associated with managing on hand, moving stock, and machines, which is normally marked off as a part of the inventory process. Even in this age of computers, things that are presumed to be on a shelf, tucked in a corner, or setting on a desk are misplaced and lost.

With advances in technology, marking coding systems have been perfected, creating more organized technical methods of overseeing those items that may otherwise be missed. Coding systems have become so precise that they can monitor items that are constantly on the move, tracking their location and disposition. Regardless of the coding design, it will have high resolution with the added benefit of enhancing and improving production.

Choosing the system for a company depends on several factors that may seem inconsequential to the overall operation. An initial concern is the environment where items will be placed. If it is extremely hot or cold, the process used may be erased by the surrounding conditions. Additionally, a coding system has to easily meld with the existing computer format of a company. Developing a specialized or proprietary system would be cost ineffective and time consuming.

When a company decides to implement a coding system, the initial objective is to be able to gain better control of inventory, since the majority of companies lose capital from inventory mishandling. Though this may be an initial purpose, there are benefits that reach beyond that original concept. For organizations that have moving stock or have rapid turns, coding can provide the ability to see the progression of sales or units.

Safety is always a concern for any company. Coding may seemingly be unrelated to the health and welfare of workers. In instances where there are machines requiring constant monitoring and maintenance, coding can be a convenient method for an operator to check the status of their equipment and provide approximate time of it being back in service.

The demands of the computer age have intensified the requirements of customers who want to know the status of their order and its present disposition. Also, they want to have a code that they can enter into their system to track purchases from delivery to use. A coding system can provide instantaneous information to meet all of their needs and present a positive image for an organization.

Marking coding systems have become a standard for the manufacturing and production industries, enhancing their efficiency and productivity while protecting their employees and adding extra assistance for their customers.